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Unvanquished .debs

Packages for:

NEW for 0.10.0: Unvanquished and Osavul are packaged for Debian sid/x32 and for Ubuntu!


You may download .debs directly from this repository and install using dpkg. However, it's recommended that you add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list, substituting RELEASE with one of the code names from the list above, according to what you have installed:

deb RELEASE main

You can also add a deb-src line if you want.

Once that's done, download this public key then, directly as root or indirectly via sudo:

# apt-key add linux-pubkey.gpg.asc
# apt-get update
# apt-get install unvanquished

If you want to run a dedicated server, install unvanquished-server.

Direct download

Installation information

Work in progress!

When you install unvanquished, it will automatically download some required resources from Sourceforge. If you re-install (without purging), upgrade the package or reconfigure it (dpkg-reconfigure unvanquished), a check will be made to see if newer versions of these files are available; if there are, they will be downloaded and old files will be removed (if known about).

The stand-alone server is included and appears to be working fine, so long as you install the pak files and the maps (see below). With the VM .pk3 (which will be downloaded from Sourceforge), it should also be fine in pure mode. If it isn't working, shout…

Running the game

$ unvanquished

It's also in the desktop menu. (Also, the script was once named

Upgrading from 0.4.0 or older

Unvanquished now supports multiple profiles. Configuration files are now stored per-profile. This is handled for you when you first run 0.5.0, so your existing profile should Just Work (given 0.5.0-2 – -1 didn't copy all that's needed).

Upgrading from 0.3.5 or older

There are two things which you need to do.

  • You may need the following incantation to alter your configuration a little:

    $ sed -i -e 's/bind \\/bind BACKSLASH/' ~/.Unvanquished/main/*.cfg
  • When you first start the game, you'll need to type /reset protocol into the console before trying to connect to a server.

Optional downloads

Maps (Sourceforge, 254MB)
Unpack into either /var/lib/games/unvanquished/main or ~/.Unvanquished/main. The former location is preferred since both client and server (as packaged) look there; the latter is fine if the maps don't need to be shared. However, these should be downloaded when unvanquished-common is configured (i.e. at install time).